Cheerleading Coach

Claire Urwin is a current cheerleading coach at the Royal All Stars Cheer & Dance. Claire has been a cheerleader at Royals for over 8 years and has taken part in the Royals Junior Coaching program over the last 4 years.Claire has over 10 years of experience in gymnastics and trampolining before she started cheerleading. She has accumulated many state and national winning titles in her cheerleading and coaching career. Claire was also an assistant coach for our first every 2018 Royals Hawaii teams who gained bids to compete at the Global Dance and Cheer Games in Honolulu Hawaii.

Claire is internationally credentialed as a USASF/IASF cheerleading and tumbling coach and is also a member of the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation. She hopes to help young athletes achieve their goals they never thought possible.