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Alex Hughes
Cheerleading Coach

Alex Hughes is a current cheerleading coach at the Royal All Stars Cheer & Dance Academy and has over 10 years of cheerleading experience within the competitive world of cheerleading.

Alex first began his competitive cheerleading journey as a premier athlete for Deakin University. He then became a coach for the University team winning several State and National titles as well as continuing on to being an elite coach for Outlaws Allstars for over 7 years.

Alex has competed in and won many state, national and international competition titles including being a current 8 time AASCF Nationals Grand Champion through levels 4, 5 and 6. In 2015, Alex was also a part of Outlaws All Stars Open Co Ed level 4 team placing 3rd at the National Cheerleaders Association competition (NCA) in Dallas, Texas.

For the 2023 season, Alex will also be travelling with Outlaws Allstars Notorious competing at the USASF World Cheerleading Championships to be held in Orlando Florida.

Alex is internationally credentialed as a USASF cheerleading and tumbling coach and is also a member of the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation. He is an enthusiastic and passionate individual who loves coaching and having the ability to allow others to experience and become knowledgeable of the amazing sport.