2020 Competitive Team Placement Day & Enrollments

Saturday 14th December 2019

Royal All Stars Cheer & Dance will be having a team placement and enrollment day on SATURDAY 14 December 2019 for ALL CURRENT MEMBERS OR NEW ATHLETES. Each athlete will present their cheerleading skills in jumps and tumbling so coaches are able to place them in an appropriate team and level for 2020. All of those wishing to be on a competition team for 2020 will be placed on a team appropriate to their age group and ability (beginner to advanced). Royal All Stars will have a selection of level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4 and LEVEL 5 TEAM in 2020!

Students will attend their age appropriate placement time (as listed below)  and will be encouraged to show their talent in a fun and stress free environment. If you have a friend or know someone who has previous cheerleading or tumble experience, please notify your coaches as they will be invited to join the placement times. Below is a list of skills that are legal for each level, however tumbling skills are not complusory but are highly recommended- yes you are still able to make a certain level even if you do not have those tumble skills! Please use this as a guide to aim your skills at the level you would like to be in. You do not have attend these team placements if you wish to remain in recreational cheerleading. Please note there will also be flyer tryouts at the end of each session. Private classes are available with your preferred coach to brush up your tumble skills before the big day!

*If you are unable to make your team placement time, please arrange with us to come during another groups’ session time. Please note that all private try outs will be charged a $10 fee.

Stretches to help improve your flyer lines

Stretching to improve your flyer lines takes a lot of time, patience and consistency! At the Royal All Stars Cheerleading Academy, we have 6 guided Flyers Classes throughout the week to help assist our athletes in increasing flexibility- all included in your term fees! This class is mandatory for all flyers and we encourage all other members to also attend these classes as overall flexibility will help improve your flexibility and tumbling.

It is important to remember to always warm up your body and do your normal routine stretch before attempting the below flyer conditioning program.

Below is a general class plan of what we do and what you can also do at home!


    • Warm up: 10 burpees
    • Stretch
    • Splits: Left leg, right leg, middle x30 seconds
    • OVER Split on higher surface: Left leg, right leg, middle x30 seconds
    • Kicks to the side x 10 (both legs)
    • Kicks to the front x 10 (both legs)
    • Kicks to the back x 10 (both legs)
    • Hold heel stretch x30 seconds (both legs)
    • Pull through to bow and arrow x 30 seconds (both legs)
    • Hold arabesque x 30 seconds (both legs)
    • Hold Y-Scale x 30 seconds (both legs)
    • Grab Scorpion or Hold x 30 seconds (both legs)REPEAT AND HOLD ALL LINES ON THE PURPLE FLYER BLOCK
    • Hold Splits: Left leg, right leg, middle x30 seconds


  • Squat jumps x 30
  • Dish hold x 30 seconds
  • Superman hold x 30 seconds

Flyers Lines Pic