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Backhand Spring Drills

Backhand spring
Backhandspring Drills

Want to improve your backhand spring technique? Want to fix bent arms and legs? Try our favorite top 3 drills next time during your tumbling classes or coaching privates!

⭐️1. Resistance Band Swings:
A great drill to help improve quicker arm swing and improve strength. All you need is a resistance band and somewhere sturdy to anchor it. We purchased ours for $10 from Kmart and anchored it under the legs of our Tumble Trak. A cheap an affordable tool that can help your athletes in all aspects of tumbling.

⭐️2. Backhand Spring Shoulder Pops:
Using a lemon or cylinder and extra block, this shoulder focused drill helps athletes concentrate on tightening and squeezing their bodies. It also focuses on keeping open shoulders and getting a feel for the shoulder pop when your hands touch the floor in the flip. A great way to improve bent arms in your flips.

⭐️3. Backhand Spring To Handstand:
This is a great way to help fix bent legs in backhand springs. This drill allows for athletes to work on their proper hand stand shape, toe drive and tightness before snapping down at the end of their flip.


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