We have a range of summer tumbling clinics starting from 11 January- 14 January 2021. Classes range from skill specific tumbling classes- walkovers, hand springs, tucks and layouts! Please fill out the form below to reserve your class. BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL. Payments can be made on the day at reception.

Monday 11-Thursday 14 January 2021

COST IS: $20 per session

2:30pm-4:00pm ‘Walk on Over’
Join this session for all level 1 tumbling skills- including cartwheels, forward rolls and round offs and master your front and back walk over’s!

4:00pm-5:30pm ‘See You On The Flip Side’
This session is for those who would like to learn their front and back hand springs and other level 2 tumbling skills!
5:30pm-7:00pm ‘Tick Tuck Toe’
Learn to tuck, aerial, punch front and more in our Tick Tuck Toe tumbling session! *Prerequisites for this class is a round off multiple back hand springs series AND standing two back hand springs or be a current level 3 athlete.

5:30-7:00pm ‘Lay/ Full Over’
Learn and perfect your stretched flat body position for a lay out! This will also help transition you in to full twisting skillls. In this advanced level tumbling class, you will learn the fundamentals of a layout, whips, standing tucks, full twisitng lays and more! * Prerequisites for this class is a round off back hand spring tuck or be a current level 4.



    TUMBLING CLINICS- Monday 11 January 2021
    2:30pm-4:00pm- ‘Walk on Over’- 11/01/204:00pm-5:30pm- ‘See You On The Flip Side’- 11/01/215:30pm-7:00pm- ‘Tick Tuck Toe’- 11/01/215:30-7:00pm- ‘Lay Over’- 11/01/21

    TUMBLING CLINICS- Tuesday 12 January 2021
    2:30pm-4:00pm- ‘Walk on Over’- 12/01/204:00pm-5:30pm- ‘See You On The Flip Side’- 12/01/215:30pm-7:00pm- ‘Tick Tuck Toe’- 12/01/215:30-7:00pm- ‘Lay Over’- 12/01/21

    TUMBLING CLINICS- Wednesday 13 January 2021
    2:30pm-4:00pm- ‘Walk on Over’- 13/01/204:00pm-5:30pm- ‘See You On The Flip Side’- 13/01/215:30pm-7:00pm- ‘Tick Tuck Toe’- 13/01/215:30-7:00pm- ‘Lay Over’- 13/01/21

    TUMBLING CLINICS- Thursday 14 January 2021
    2:30pm-4:00pm- ‘Walk on Over’- 14/01/204:00pm-5:30pm- ‘See You On The Flip Side’- 14/01/215:30pm-7:00pm- ‘Tick Tuck Toe’- 14/01/215:30-7:00pm- ‘Lay Over’- 14/01/21

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